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We Are Changing Hosts (Again)

Hey Guys, Gals

Awhile back we needed to change host due to an update in their acceptable use policy.

Today I am pleased to announce we have acquired two years of fully pre-paid service @ a new provider. Thanks to your continued viewing  and support we are no longer paying out of our pockets to bring you some tits.

The move will take place tomorrow Sunday 11/30/2013

The transition will be instant for some and take up too 48 hours for others to see.  I will be posting some quick links on the facebook page that will help those unable to view it using the normal URL.


—- On another note —–

We are almost at 2014.

Tmos and I started this site in June 2012. While sitting in the middle of nowhere taking “Hail Marys” from Taliban forces on the other side of the wire. When we introduced minimal ads we were making a few cents a day. We were anxious to hit a point where the website paid for itself.

We are now self sustaining with no more overhead costs coming from our own wallets.

That being said I would like to put dollars back to the people of this fine nation we call home.

“The United States Of America”

I am gathering up a few dozen Angle Tree requests and buying kids new underwear/socks/etc. It’s a shame when the people within our own home-front cant even afford their children a clean pair of skivvies.

A big THANK YOU from Tmos and myself.

Whether you are home for the holidays or fighting for our continued freedom in some far away place,

Be Safe, See you in 2014.


MasterIcon out.

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